A Legal Statement of Green Technology Inc. (abbreviated as GET hereafter)

Please read carefully the whole contents of this legal statement before browsing or using the materials on the GET Website. If you continue using the GET Website, it implies that you have agreed to accept the whole contents of this legal statement. The statement below is to remind the browser that any use the materials disclosed on the GET Website without the authorization of GET may violate the stipulations contained in the copyright law, trademark law, and other related laws and must bear legal responsibility.


All the contents disclosed on the GET Website, including but not limited to verbal description, photos, figures, recording, images, etc. (abbreviated as ¡¥materials¡¦ hereafter) are all under the protection of copyright law. The copyright belongs to GET or other original authors. The materials disclosed in the name of GET and publicly published on the GET Website may be reproduced, publicly broadcast, or publicly transmitted within reasonable limits for personal use only and with the source acknowledged.

The aforementioned materials cannot be used for commercial purposes unless prior written agreement is obtained from GET. Sources of the materials should be similarly acknowledged when used for commercial purposes. For reasonable use of the materials, please refer to the stipulations in the copyright law. In case the contents on the GET Website are the works of other copy-right owners, agreement should be obtained from the original copy-right holders before the contents can be used.


The trademarks exclusively owned by GET and registered everywhere around the world are [not given here], and other registered trademarks still in the process of application. The names of products or services, special characters, marks, colors, voice, three-dimensional shapes and any combination of the preceding are also trademarks exclusively used by GET or signs to promote its products or services.

GET has not waived any right to the intellectual property related to the trademarks or signs not disclosed in this website. Unless obtaining written authorization ahead of time, you are not permitted to use the exclusive trademarks or signs mentioned above.


Any software obtained by downloading through the GET Website should be used in pursuance to the stipulation of the letter of authorization attached or provided by the said software. Unless agreeing to accept the letter of authorization of the software ahead of time, you may not be permitted to download or set up the said software. Some of the software packaged in the system may differ from the version possessed by the retailer and may not contain the operation handbook or parts of the functional program.

Exemption from Responsibility

GET does not guarantee the accuracy or appropriateness of any material disclosed on the GET Website. The material is provided under the current explicit condition. GET declares that its exemption includes but is not limited to the explicit or implicit guaranteed responsibility for the use characteristics of general commodities, conformity to specific use purpose, or non-violation of intellectual propriety. GET reserves the right to modify any commodity or program disclosed on the GET Website without issuing a separate notice.

Limited Responsibility

GET or its distributors is not held responsible for indemnifying any direct, indirect, accidental or derivative loss, including one that occurs when using GET Website or any linkage or that is due to the documentary material disclosed on the GET Website or any linkage, even if GET has been warned ahead of time of the possibility that such damage may occur.

Linking to Other Websites

The indicating function that may link to another website through the GET Website is established with the intent of providing the browser with convenience. When linking to another website, you will leave the GET Website. GET will neither examine or monitor nor endorse or make any statement for the other site. As soon as you link to the other website through the GET Website, you will have to undertake all risks. In case the above statement is revised, GET will not issue a separate notice. The latest time of revision is Feb 1, 2007.